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Expert Furniture Repair

Sevierville, Tennessee
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Furniture Repair in Sevierville, Tennessee
Established in 1993, Expert Furniture Repair is a leading Factory Authorized Service Representative
specializing in residential home and on-site commercial repairs in the East Tennessee area.

Our Services Include

• Leather Touchups
• Recliner Repairs
• Frame Repairs
• Upholstery Stitching
• Cut and Sewn Part Replacement
• Upholstery Padding
• Home Theatre Seating

Leather and vinyl touch-ups to scrapes, scratches, nicks and areas of color loss are part of general repairs. Recliner repairs include mechanical and electrical replacement and adjustments. Spring and padding replacement is many times part of a repair procedure. Reclining furniture frames, stationary sofa, loveseat and chair frames are common repairs. Loose seams are hand-stitched as to be undetectable on all types of furniture. At times new material needs to be ordered from the manufacturer and cut and sewn part replacement is the given repair. Padding can be added or removed from furniture pieces to effect repairs of damaged materials or to accomodate the need for more softness, stiffness or to eliminate flatness in seats, backs and arms. Like a few other types of furniture, home theatre seating, lift chairs for those with limited mobility, electric motor recliners, and other motion furniture use not only traditional furniture materials, but also incorporates electrical and mechanical devices. Replacement and repair of home theatre seating components are a part of normal furniture on a day-to-day basis.

Sevierville, Tennessee
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